Monday, March 29, 2010

March 28th, 2010, Nogales to Hermosillo, 172 miles,

The border crossing was amazingly easy. After making sure I had everything ready - passports, Green Card and Winston's rabies and travel certificates, we were not even asked for our passports! However it did take about one hour for us to obtain the temporary import certificate for the vehicle. This is a must. If you don't get one, then the checkpoints along the way send you back to the border, which is the only place that issues them. Their office is located about 5 mile from Nogales but you can't miss it. They wanted copies of our passport, drivers license and vehicle title, oh and a credit card. The cost was 637 pesos .If you don't have a credit card, you have to place a substantial cash bond. The road to Hermosillo (Route 15) is mostly a narrow 4 lane highway, winding in places, with for the most part, no shoulder. This made for some interesting driving for Tom, particularly when passing the many trucks on the road. Also, it is a toll road with a toll gate when you enter costing 33 pesos and at the end costing 98 pesos.Make sure you have pesos! At the checkpoints along the way we were waved through, so no stopping and no hassles. In addition, when you see signs for topes, slow down.. They have speedbumps that are extremely effective in ruining your vehicle if you don't obey the sign. Arriving in Hermosillo , we found an R. V. park called Sonora R. V. and this is where we finally spent the night after going into town to find a supermarket for beer, wine, oh and dinner. The campsite is clean and quiet with no facilities but working WIFi and a family that do 24 hr security. If you go, ask for Jose. The cost $20.00 American or 300 pesos. We gave American. Winston is a trooper. He is so good when we drive. Although he was happy when we finally stopped at the market and he was able to stretch his legs and take care of business. We were all pretty exhausted by the time we had settled camp and ate, so it was an early night.

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