Thursday, January 5, 2012

It is a small world after all

During the night the storm had passed though it was still cloudy and humid. Anne and Jon were up and about and we walked over to their site to have coffee and pastries. By the time I got there, Tom and Jon were chatting. “Guess what” Tom said to me excitedly. “They know Jeanne and Bruce”. They had lived in Sacramento for a while and Tom had said his three sisters and their families live in Granite Bay. “We know someone in Granite Bay” Jon added. It so happens, Tom’s sister and brother in law are avid birders as are Anne and Jon. So they would get together and Jon and Bruce had been bird spotting several times. We marveled that of all the places we go and people we meet, we could meet them doing the same thing as us at the same time. Over the next couple of days, we exchanged stories and information. They were able to give us plenty of information about Patagonia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. In return we give all our information regarding Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Venezuela. It was also fun to talk about events in the States and Europe. Like Tom and I, Jon and Anne are an Anglo/American couple and so are facing the same issues regarding visas, while both are travelling on passports from different countries. Jon definitely keeps up with current events in England more than I do but we do share similar feelings about the European Community (EEC) and its economic problems. We all agreed that travelling at least was sparing us from the GOP debates back in the States and for that we were grateful. That night Tom made fondue (reminiscent of our time in Villa General Belgrano) which went very well with some Argentinean wine. From here, they are going to do some bird-watching on the Rio Plata and we are headed about 60 miles south to Laguna dos Lobos for Christmas and New Year but with the intent on returning to Lujan for Christmas Day mass.

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