Thursday, November 29, 2012

And our journey resumes.

The motorhome is ready. We have driven it around town, checked it for any leaks and it is time to drive. It took us several days to transfer all our belongings from the rental house back into the RV but after, what seemed like a hundred trips back and forth we were at last packed and ready to go. On our last night we went to dinner at Tunet, a fabulous restaurant located in the Hotel Austral with Mariano and Marcela. This is touted as being the best restaurant in Comodoro and it certainly lived up to its reputation. During our time in Rada Tilly we have become very close to both Mariano and Marcela and we will truly miss them. But not right now as they plan to meet up with us in Bariloche. Bariloche is our next main destination and whilst only a 10 hour drive from Rada Tilly, it will take us about 5 days as we want to visit and stay in Los Alerces National Park which is on the way. On our first day we drove about 400 kilometers (240 miles) and spent the night in Gobernador Costa. There were no campgrounds so we simply drove down a few side streets off the main road and found a quiet area to park and some grass areas to walk Winston. I was exhausted and I am sure driving Tom crazy. I just could not relax during the drive. Every slight engine alteration, every noise, every well, anything kept me asking “What’s that?” or “Is that normal?” or “Is everything ok?” and other phrases to that affect. I admitted that I don’t know how long it will take for me to relax and trust the RV again without constantly monitoring its performance but that’s what breaking down several times will do, I guess. The next day was an easy 110 mile (180 kilometer) drive to Esquel. I worried but the RV did fine. Esquel is a larger town and we knew of a campsite there called La Chakra. Besides being a popular ski resort in the winter, the town is also the gateway to Parque Nacional Los Alerces. Being springtime it is the offseason and the town and campground were quiet. We stopped off at the tourist office and pick up a collection of maps to the park and places to camp once we get there. It was then back to the campground for another quiet evening just getting used to the whole camping experience again and enjoying our time together with Winston.

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