Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tom Returns

After the overlanders left there were only a few days left before Tom arrived back. I shopped, cleaned and generally prepared the RV, not just for him getting back but also for our eventually departure and to start traveling again. I knew he was going to bring back a new radiator that we wanted to install before leaving Bariloche and also other parts that we were okay leaving to be replaced until getting into Chile. When Tom got back, I can honestly say that I think Winston could not believe his eyes. With our leaving and my returning alone, in the past two months I think Winston thought his “dad” was gone, missing, who knows where. When he saw Tom, he went into his crazy “I missed you so much” routine. He yelped, howled, screeched and bayed. Ran, chased and ran some more. I think Tom was also glad to be back, although he did not run around howling. I know Tom misses the States more than me. Outside of kids and family, I couldn’t care less about being in America, whereas Tom misses many of the comforts of home – the availability of produce, Home Depot, certain restaurants, REI, his favorite things, and so on. But traveling is a lot of fun despite all the trials and tribulations and I know he missed the fun parts like meeting up again with Mariano and Marcela both here in Bariloche and my trip to San Martin de Los Andes with them and just generally being on the road. Nahuel and Sonya dropped by, as did Val and Alexandra and Juan. There is also a family from Venezuela at the campgrounds and two families from the Mendoza area of Argentina. Have I ever mentioned how guys who RV travel, love to fix things and help other people fix things? As soon as the Venezuelans knew we had to install a radiator, they were offering to help. Raul and his wife Yadira along with a friend are from the Merida area of Venezuela. Although they own farmland, Raul knows a lot about mechanics. In fact on their monster-sized RV, they have a back rack installed to carry their three motorcycles and spare parts. That night, we chatted with them about our experiences in Venezuela – all good – and the recent death of President Chavez and what it might mean for the country. Since they are traveling they can’t worry about it and it will be a few more months before they plan on returning. They are hoping everything will be sorted out by then. They were also true to their word and the next day our radiator was installed and running well. The following day they leave to go south and bike riding on the Carretera Austral but not before exchanging contact information and entrusting to us with two motorcycle tires. We will carry them to Mendoza and drop them off for one of the Argentinean families who had been camped next to them. After 4 months our time in Bariloche is coming to an end. On our last night, we cooked a traditional assado for Nahuel, Sonya, Val, Alexandra and Juan. We are grateful for all their help especially Nahuel and Sonya who had arranged for care for Winston and the motorhome while we were in the States. We will miss them and hope that one day we will meet back up with them or they will visit us. But, we can’t deny the fact that we are more than ready to continue our journey and also to get further north to some warmer weather.

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