Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Arriaga to Puerto Arrista, Chiapas. 30 mile

The state of Chiapas is the most green, luscious state we have travelled through. Unfortunately at this time of year that does translate to mosquitos. Jose's Camping Cabanas is in the middle of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine. Not many people make it as far as Puerto Arrista. Jose, by the way is Joe from Canada. He owns this place with his family and it is amazing. They have about 6 acres of camping, cabanas and hookups. There is a small patio area where you can join them for meals. Last night, we visited with 3 German students from the University of Stuttgart studying Civil Engineering. They were headed north so we gave them information for Saladita and the Michoacan coast. Tom and I remain amazed at the number of European youngsters (late teens to mid twenties) who just fly in to Mexico and then travel by bus, wherever it goes. They camp, hostel, sleep in hammocks and just generally hang out. Americans think they need a destination, hotel and God forbid, they ride on a bus! As we were sitting, we realized we were getting smoked out. Turns out that burning coconut shells keeps the mosquitos away. Tonight we tried it out and it does work so once again we have gained a little knowledge that might help. By the way, if you have a hound (or any dog, for that matter), Jose's is fabulous. There are the six acres, fenced in on 3 sides and a lagoon on the fourth. Winston is in hound heaven. He has scented, ran, waded in the lagoon (I know, totally disgusting) and roamed to his heart's content. It is such a joy to see him so healthy and happy after the paralysis of a couple of months ago. After being in Mexico for 3 months, we have achieved a certain amount of comfort and complacency and we are now trying to prepare for our border crossing to Guatamala and our route through that country. We keep changing and syaying flexible. Right now, our plan is to get to Lake Atitlan and Antigua and then follow the Pacific coast to Monterrico. Mike and his wife Betty live there. They are friends with the Saladita crowd and we look forward to meeting more fellow expats. From there we will drive through the rest of the CA4 (El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua) to Costa Rica. Our next blog will be frm Guatamala - somewhere. Pray for our safe and successful crossing. Talk to you all soon.

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