Monday, July 5, 2010

Huatulco, Oaxaca to Arriaga, Chiapas. 217 miles

Monday. Still reeling from yesterday, we break camp early and go back on the same dreaded road to get our ereader from DHL. We are trying to come up with a system, using what we have to be able to have an awning for shade and rain. Tom has a few ideas but I can see that he is still too shell shocked from this happening to deal with it. It is quite a long drive for us and we stop several times for Winston, for lunch and a couple of checkpoints. The countryside is lush and green and quite mountainous. The El Parador Hotel where we stay is on the side of Mex 200 and is really an overnight stop for travellers but the parking area for RVs is thick grass and shady. Winston as I have mentioned in earlier blogs lovesgrass. He rolls and plays. Tom prepares hamburgers for dinner and I catch up on emails, blogs and getting the new ebook up and running. Before going to Guatamala, we are contemplating making a side trip to Puerto Arrista (way off the beaten rack) to stay at Jose's Cabanas, a tropical paradise. After Sunday, we could use a little of that.

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