Friday, September 24, 2010

In San Jose, Costa Rica (again)

It has been a while since I blogged, so much was going on and we did a lot of travelling in the last couple of weeks trying to show Nicole and Danny as much of north and central Costa Rica as possible. We first took them to Monteverde where we explored the rain and cloud forest reserves and did a zip line and canopy tour. I was terrified, Tom and the kids loved it but the views were magnificent. We then went on to Volcan Arenal and to the hot springs. Then it was the one and only glitch to the plan. Danny behaving stupidly, cut his arm which required us to return to San Jose for stitches. After a days delay, we set off for Tamarindo. The kids had the opportunity to experience, first-hand the trials of driving in Central America. Just north of San Ramon, the panamerican highway was, again, washed out due to the rains. We pulled our maps to try to find an alternate route and turned around. 5 hours later in the dark, we finally made it as far as Puntarenas. We managed to find a small hotel for the kids and we were able to park the RV right outside. So, it wasn't until Monday that we arrieved in Tamarindo. Everyone loved the beach. Nicole got to try her hand at surfing for the first time. Johan was a patient teacher and she was able to get up a couple of times. We met a neat couple from Japan and everyone had fun socializing with them. Wednesday, September 15th was Independence Day and Tom and I had said that we would cook for everyone at the Tsunami. Clam Chowder and french bread was the menu with appetizers of chips and dip, cheese and crackers. About a dozen of us sat to eat and a lot of fun was had by all. We left Tamarindo, reluctantly but we wanted to head south on the coast to Manuel Antonio National Park. The park was interesting. We saw monkeys, sloths and coatis (members of the raccoon family). The beach was beautiful, propably one of the nicest to date and we were able to get a room at the Manuel Antonio Hotel with a huge grassy area in the back for the RV. After a day, we started north a little way, to Playa Esterillos Oeste where I had been told 13 pairs of macaws nested. Danny and Nicole spotted 2 pairs of scarlet macaws and were ecstatic. This is also a great beach to gather shells and we combed the area so the kids had a fine collection to tote home with them. Our last night was at Playa Hermosa, south of Jaco. We spent the day in Jaco having lunch and shopping for souvenirs for home. Tom barbequed on our last night together and after packing for the kids, we are sending a bunch of stuff back with them that we have either purchased for ourselves as souvenirs or that we simply brought from home and do not need, we had an early night. Monday, we were all up early for the drive back to San Jose. The flight is at 12:20pm but we want no surprises driving. As luck had it, we had plenty of time. We parked the RV, Danny and Nicole said their goodbyes to Winston and we caught a cab to the airport. With much hugs and kisses (and a few not so well hidden tears) we said our farewells. We probably will not see them again until March or so next year, depending on where we are. Christmas will be difficult for us. Tom and I intend to spend the next few days attending to the motorhome. We have developed a leak which requires Tom to reseal the roof and we want to shop for some supplies that are easier to obtain in San Jose. However those plans were put on hold as Monday night, I took a fall. Tom had gone to get pizza for dinner and as I was checking on Winston I noticed that the main gate had been closed for the night. I went over to make sure the side gate was unlocked so Tom could get back in. There is a path that covers only half of this gate and then there is about a 2 foot ditch that you have to step around. In the pouring rain, I stepped over the ditch to be sure the gate was open and somehow slipped on the slick moss and landed up in the ditch, on my back. After I extracted myself and hobbled back to the RV, I was bleeding from my leg, foot and arm and my right arm felt as though it had been yanked out of the socket. Bt the time Tom returned, I was washing the blood and he was greeted to my tears and the words "I fell". After he checked me out "That's going to be one helluva bruise on your arm", he said, I ate some pizza, took a Motrin and went to bed. The next day I felt like I had been kicked and stomped and it took me another day to feel better. In addition Tom was right, I do have a huge bruise running down my arm but at least I didn't break anything! As a side note for all those reading this and thinking of travelling, we put the kids in a variety of hotels, B&B's and cabinas with prices ranging from $28.00 to $60.00 per night for a 2 bed room with A/C, internet and private bath. In all places there are a wide range of rooms available with some being very inexpensive for the budget consious. We are now, once again ready to head south. Our goal is to be in Panama the beginning of October. I also have one request. I am happy and surprised at the number of people who are reading our blog and checking on us but for the most part I don't know who is following us. So, next time you read about us, could you please take a minute to sign up as a follower. That way Tom and I know. Thanks.


  1. Hi Tom, Angela and Winston,
    I found your blog about 2 months ago, read it from the start and have been following your adventure ever since. We're RVers however we only travel in the summer since we're big skiers and live in Whistler. My husband is a retired Asst. Fire Chief and we have a 16 year old American Eskimo dog. writing this I'm no longer a "lurker". Have fun, be safe and keep up the great work on the blog. Oh, I wasn't sure how to become a follower so I did it this way!

  2. Hi Tom, Angela and Winston. I have been following your blog. Sounds like a great and challenging adventure. Everything is fine at the homesstead. Take care and be safe.