Sunday, September 5, 2010

Playa Hermosa to San Jose. 93 mile.

San Jose has a true American style RV park complete with all hookups. This is great, especially the sewer, our tanks need a thorough flushing and cleaning. Water is easy to obtain from gas stations and restaurants and we can get power at many overnight locations plus we have the generator if we really need electricity but dumping our tanks is difficult to say the least. We try to be conservative by emptying our dish water outside and using alternate shower facilities whenever possible but the black water (toilet) tank is a problem so it is with relief that we can hook up and clean them out. Also, we need an oil change and the RV checked out. All those rough roads have us concerned that something might have come loose. The park is quiet but right in the center of a suburb of San Jose. There are three other dogs here belonging to the park owners so Winston settles in quickly and now has new friends to run and play with. There is also internet, which is great since we have a bit of last minute coordination with the kids before they come. We have ordered a ton of stuff online for us, Winston and the RV and they will bring it all to us, in addition to some last minute items that I have thought of. It also gives is the opportunity to Skype with friends and family and catch up on the news. We are so looking forward to seeing Danny and Nicole. We have been on the road for almost 6 months and I do miss the kids. Hopefully the next two weeks we can catch up on their activities back home and enjoy their company.


  1. Excellent update! Thanks for sharing. Hope you get to see those kids soon. =)


  2. Hi Tom & Angela! We have been thinking of you guys, looks like you are having a ton of fun! I've been meaning to email you but work has been crazy for the both of us! Danny came over awhile back and we found out that both him and Joe were classmates back in high school, small world! Everything is great here and we are taking great care of the house. I'll email you a few pictures when I can.
    Take care,
    Lauren & Joe - Your renters :)