Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fortaleza to Guamare. 260 miles

Our original plan was to visit the beach town of Canoa Quebrada, which we had read good things about. But when we arrived two things stood out immediately. One, it is very popular and touristy and two, the cobblestone streets are very narrow, winding and steep through the small village. There is also no really good place to park the RV close to the beach. It is not our kind of place. We look at the map and decide to try Guamare, another coastal town a little further south. As we drove on a secondary but well paved road, we passed lots of working oil wells and a refinery. There are also many clusters of huge windmills generating electricity. Brazil being self sufficient in the energy department. Approaching Guamare we see ponds cultivated for shrimp and plan to stop on the way out to purchase some. It was getting dark as we came into town and we saw three policemen on motorcycles by the sea wall. We stop to see if they can direct us to a good place for the RV. After much chatting and conferring between themselves, they tell us to park at the end of the Praia (playa) and they will show us the way. As they pulled in front of us, all three turned on their lights and so it was, we were being escorted through the town and down the praia, about 2 miles, behind flashing blue and white lights. As we passed groups of people were turning to watch our parade. It was little embarrassing but highly amusing to think we had our very own police motorcycle brigade guiding us through the streets. They got us settled at the end of the praia right in front of the beach and for the next two days, drove by frequently to check on us. Guamare is definitely not touristy and on Sunday the only people at the beach were local towns’ people and us. Our kind of place! Sunday is our first full day with no driving since the Amazon and we needed a well deserved break. Winston is in heaven. Finally he can go off lead and run and play on the beach to his heart’s content. He plunges into the ocean until it is washing over his back and then comes tearing out to just race up and down the sand, stretching his legs. The only downside was late Sunday our generator starting acting up again. It seems no-one can figure it out and one of our headlights has gone out and needs replacing. Another trip to a Ford service center is in our near future. We barbeque dinner and watch as the stars come out over the Atlantic. Monday we will be on the road again but for now this is quite beautiful.

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