Monday, February 7, 2011

Guamare to Natal. 123 miles. Monday, January 31st, 2011

Unfortunately, leaving Guamare the shrimp farms we had seen when entering where closed so we were unable to purchase any. Hopefully as we drive on the coast we will see more. Our plan in Natal was to find a Ford dealership to fix the headlamp and try to get propane. We again stayed on the secondary road to Natal and this brought us right through the center of town. We asked directions at a gas station to the Ford dealership and repair center. At first, we were sent to the car dealership but they quickly gave us easy directions to their truck service facility. Again, they were very helpful and got the lamp changed and gave us some spare bulbs for some of the other fixtures. As I walked Winston, a lady came out of the office. She spoke English and proceeded to tell me that she has 2 beagles. A fellow beagle owner. We both agreed they are great dogs to own even if a little trying at times. They also thought of our propane problem and after a few phone calls came up with a name, Liquigas, which should be able to help us. Unfortunately it is on the north side of town, close to where we entered. That is about 30 miles away and we will not be able to get there today. They tell us a pretty beach is Pipa but again we won’t get there tonight so it is another night to spend at a posto. At least this one had really nice showers!

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