Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting the Latin Latitude Attitude

Time passes and we adjust. The good news is our transmission has made it to Valparaiso, Santiago’s port in Chile. The bad news is we need to pay the receiving company, located in Santiago, it must be paid in Chilean pesos and they can’t do a wire transfer from the States. The good news is when we were last in Punta Arenas, we met Alvaro and Monica. Alvaro is also a retired firefighter and they will help us. They will take the invoice to Bank Itau and make the required electronic deposit. That means our shipment will be released for transport to Punta Arenas for us to pick up. The bad news is it is Chile’s Independence Day or days as it turns out. Since Independence Day is actually on Tuesday September 18th, the government mandates what is known as a bridge day. If a national holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, then that Friday or Monday in this case, becomes a holiday also. I am not sure what Wednesday is but, thanks to that Latin latitude attitude, this is a three day celebration. The bad news is that our new friends in Rada Tilly, Mariano and Marcella left for a vacation in Europe but the extremely good news from that is they kindly offered us the use of their jeep whilst they are gone. We can use this to take to Chile when the transmission arrives to Punta Arenas in another week or so. Other good news is winter is almost over and springtime is approaching. It is still cold and windy but not the biting cold, gale force winds that we have experienced Even more good news was something I forgot to refer back to in the last blog. We had two nieces who went to the London Olympics and both came away with medals. In addition to Haley getting the silver in an amazingly close finish in the Open Water 10K marathon swim, Alyssa; her older sister got a gold medal as she swam in the ladies 4 x 200 meter relay race. She was a late entrant and swam with the second fastest time in the morning. So, both nieces came away with medals. They have been doing the TV and interview route and had an invite to the White House, as US Olympians. It is a really interesting and exciting experience in their lives. And going back to us, we are learning to develop laid back attitude. You can’t fight a system and a way of life. Life just moves more slowly down here. With luck, next week we will head to Punta Arenas to pick up the transmission.

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