Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time spent in Rada Tilly, Argentina.

We are doing well and have settled into the small house we are renting here in Rada Tilly. It is right across from the beach so it is perfect for walking Winston. The main problem is the wind which is usually relentless and so strong. Today is beautiful though with sunny skies and no wind. The weather thank goodness is finally getting warmer but it is much colder than last winter in Brazil. We have started to make some friends in town. Martin and Analaura, his wife have been so nice to us from the start and it is thanks to them that we have this great cottage right across from the ocean. They live in the front house but spend most of their time at their other home which is next to the vet clinic. Also Martin’s brother Mariano and his wife Marcela have become friends and are really helpful taking us around the local sights and helping with officials for motorhome. After a lot of thought and talking with custom agents here and service people in the States, we have ordered a second transmission with all the new parts needed, to be shipped from the States to us. Actually we are having everything sent to Punta Arenas, Chile which is closer than Buenos Aires from where we are located. It should arrive in a couple more weeks so we will go and pick it up, bring it back here and get the repairs done. With the help Mariano we have found a mechanic who appears to be experienced enough to do the work. Our fingers are crossed! Other than that all is well. Winston has plenty of friends here as Martin has a total of 8 labradors. They keep most of them at their other home but leave a couple here everyday for Winston to play. Winston has tremendous fun playing with Betun, a 2 year old black lab. Right now they are outside running and chasing one another. It is very noisy. Tom is sitting outside reading as it is such a nice day. Also, Mariano and Marcela have a 2 year old Jack Russell which is very cute and very energetic. After a play date with Pelousa, our slightly overweight 7 year old Beagle is exhausted.

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