Tuesday, August 3, 2010

El Cuco to La Union. 38 mile

The drive was easy to La Union and this will be our final stop before the Honduran border. La Union is a port town that is at once bustling but still retains a small town atmosphere. As we ate dinner tonight, Tom and I reflect on the fact that we had almost skipped this remarkable country. If we had listened to those we had met before us, we would never have come here. But, the reality is that in the time we have been here, we have not felt threatened nor scared nor seen anything that would make us feel unsafe. Instead, we have been greeted by everyone with smiles and courtesy and such expressions of pleasure that we are well.. smitten. I personally like the smallness of the country. The beaches are truly phenomonal but at the same time, San Salvador or San Migual (the second largest city) are within driving distance if you want theatre, ballet or just a night on the town. The waves (for surfing or boogie boarding) are considered some of the best in the world, so Tom is enraptured. We know we have a long way still to go but we both agree that we would purchase property here. El Salvador did manage to sneak into our hearts. And to think we almost didn't come. What a pity that would have been. Tomorrow we will tackle the Honduran border. It is considered to be the most difficult and corrupt. We will see. But.. if things go bad we can always return to El Salvador!

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