Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Liberia to Playa del Coco, 31 mile. August 16th, 2010

Propane, it is the primary need of the day. We get into the town of Liberia. McDonalds, Burger King, Cinnabon, Church's Chicken etc. It is fast food paradise for junkies. After a few false starts, we found propane at a gas staion called Total. there are quite a few in Cost Rica, so I am going to mark them on our map so we don't need to look as hard the next time. Then it is on to the playas. Our first choice had been Paya Hermosa but when we arrived there, it was a very built up, upscale resort town which had no room to accomodate the RV, which was ok with us. We are going through a kind of reverse culture type of shock. The resorts, the shops and the restaurants are all geared up for the tourists. It is more expensive than we have gotten accustomed to and we start to yearn for the tranquility and beauty of Nicaragua. We head for the next beach town of Playa del Coco. A little better. There is again no place for the RV but as we drive a long the beach we think that it would be a good place to boondock. Not so. A local gentlemen came by and told us that at night the beach is unsafe and a drug dealing hangout. He led us to an area, just one block from the beach, we could still see it, and showed us a soccer field that is lit and guarded at night. Perfect. Also, the field is completely fenced and once inside with the gate closed just like a huge dog park so WInston got to run off leash and play in the grass. We decide to try one of the many restaurants that line the main street in town. It was good. The fish was very fresh and Ton tried their Chicken Parmesan which was also good. However, we decide to stay here for just the day and tomorrow will head to another beach and see if we can get into the Costa Rican (Tico, as the locals call it) mood.


  1. glad to see you enjoyed Nicaragua... i think most of us Americans see the more sinister side of foreign lands rather than the beautiful side... enjoy!

  2. Had we listened to the naysayers and doomsday people who talk with authority on a subject that they have no basis other than what is iterated by others keeping some myths perpetually alive, we would have avoided El Salvador and driven like the wind through Nicaragua. Turns out that by far, these are our two most favourite as you can tell by our blogs. On our way back we will definitely spend more time in both (keep checking our blog) and had we known we would have had our children visit us there rather than Costa Rica. Hindsight is everything but give El Salvador and Nicaragua a chance if you feel adventurous - you won't find many McDonalds though!