Monday, August 16, 2010

San Jorge to San Juan del Sur. 22 mile. August 14th & 15th, 2010

Our next stop is San Juan del Sur on the Pacific Coast. Again we are branching out. There is no reference in our books of a place to stay so hopefully we can find a spot. On arrival, we are stopped on the edge of town by the police, the usual check but we have found they are very helpful with information to possible parking. They gave us two places but one was not close to the beach and didn't interest us and the second had an overhang so the RV was too tall. the guard there recommended e drive to the end of the road and try to park at the port authority builing. Success! No problems. We were charged $7.50 to park with electricity. Perfect. There is a lot of activity and people and not many boats. As we walked around we were told that the show Survivor is filming in Nicaragua for next year and that the activity is all of the set building and whatever else the show needs. Tom is more fascinated by the boat activity and is soon chatting to several Americans who are hee repairing and rebuilding their boats for trips to Ecuador and the Pacific. We had thought we would stay until Monday but the guards told us that Sunday was the better day for crossing the border. There is only one border into Costa Rica so it is really busy. Trucks are the biggest problem so they figure Sunday is the best day. That only gives us 2 days in San Juan so we walked the beach and went to town. We had dinner the last night here, Saturday, at a fabulous restaurant owned by an Italian lady with her English husband. Both Tom and I agreed it was he best meal we had eaten on the road so far. After a slow walk back to the RV, we contemplated how much we had enjoyed Nicaragua and of how blown out of proportion the reports back in the States are of the area. Yes, there are problems especially in the under developed areas on the east coast but that is fairly centralized and so no-one ventures there. We feel perfectly safe wandering the streets after dark and are so glad we had ventured as much as we had in the country. Tomorrow, the border.

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