Monday, June 28, 2010

Acapulco to Puerto Escondido, 270 miles

Again goodbyes, good wishes, hugs and kisses. We are finally on our way out of Acapulco. It has been a great stay but we need to keep going. Our plan was to stay in Pinotepa National for the night but having arrived there at 5pm we decided to keep going to Puerto Escondido or just Puerto as the natives call it. This was our longest drive yet and took about 9 hours total. There are many more militia checkpoints on route. All vehicles are pulled over and questioned. We have been told it is a further crackdown on the war with drugs and weapons. At all points we are treated courteously and asked where we are coming from and where we are headed to (today that is, they do not want our entire itinerary!). Only once did they ask permission to check out the RV so Winston and I get out and Tom escorts the officer through the motorhome. It is a perfunctionary check and within 10 minutes we are back on the road. However all these checks are slowing us down and we are mindful that it is getting dark. We finally arrive at Puerto, through the last checkpoint at the city limits and we find the campsite. We settle in and eat at the restaurant next door. An Asian/Japanese fusion style that was surprisingly not bad. It was a long day and we quickly called it a night. Sunday, we were up and checking out our new town. I had emailed Rick and Pat, some contacts from the Saladita group and had recieved info from them. At our campground is Texas Jim who has lived here for quite a while and one of the locals. Jim, like most expats, has quite a colorful background and life experiences and very entertaining. We have drinks with him and his girlfriend, Jeanette and share dinner. This is a hugely popular surfing beach so Jim and Tom decide to get up early on Monday and hit the waves. Tom is in heaven.

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