Monday, June 7, 2010

Tuesday. North to South Acapulco - 40 miles

Well it sounded easy! Get up, pack up and go. Take the circuitous route (not through town) and voila, there you are. On the south side of Acapulco. We should have known! Trying to avoid the centro of Acapulco and the debacle we had seen from the bus, we are now driving through the mountains on the east side, attempting to find the toll road which will ultimately lead to the south side and the airport. 40 miles, 4 hours! Yes, 40 mile and it took 4 hours. We are driving through hilltop villages and one village (for whatever reason) has been closed by policia federales. We sit. There is no bypass, the traffic is stuck in all directions. We sit. No way on, no way off, no information! We sit. Locals try a variety of means to get by, to no avail. We sit. Should we get off at a village? There is nothing with the exeption of a rural roadside stand. We sit! Finally, after about 2 and 1/2 hours we are underway but what a backlog. Our Ipod is getting some overtime use. But we are not deterred. We know where there is a Costco, we know what we need and we know there is an RV park not too far from Costco. We must have been God's fun that day! First off, Costco was no help. They didn't have the tires and they wouldn't order the tires. OK. We had stopped for gas, getting off the toll road and there looked like there was a tire place next door. We went back. They had tires but only 5 in the size we needed (we need 6). We were told they could order another but it would take a week. OK. We can stay at the RV Park for one more week. OK. Upon arrival at the RV park, it was closed. Like I said, God was having some laughter. I once again grabbed our Mexican Camping book. It is now 5 o'clock. We know, no driving at night and we had no wish to drive back to the north this late. The closest campground is in a suburb called La Samana at the trailer park El Coluso. Again, this involves driving narrow streets, not meant for RV's at rush hour. The RV park is right on the main street and.. is awful but, we have no choice. This is going to be our stop for tonight. Although it is not an attractive park, in fact Tom and I later concurred that it is the worst we have stayed in (even Los Mochis), it is gated, secured and we will sleep.

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