Friday, June 18, 2010

Pie de la Cuesta, Tuesday June 15th

Tuesday, we get up early, pack up the motorhome, excitedly (for the second time) hug and kiss the ladies who run the site - we will visit them when we return to Mexico and head for the tire shop and on to Puerto Escondido. Oh, cruel world! After innumerous phone calls and affirmations that our 6 tires are present and accounted for, we arrive at the Michelin shop to discover.. 5 matching tires and one oddball. Tom is freaking! If we didn't care about getting 6 the same we would have taken 5, two weeks ago and hunted for another. There is a flurry of phone calls, they think we should take what they have and we want what we were promised. Finally, Tom is chatting via hone to a lady who speaks English. She apologizes but Tom can tell she doesn't understand why we are so upset. The bottom line is either we take what is there or we wait until Thursday when, they assure us they will have not only 6 matching tires but the brand new line of Michelin's for our load bearing RV. We look at each other, what to do. Finally I say, we wait. What's a few more days if..we get what we want. We leave with distinct assurances that they will be there on Thursday and my muttering to Tom, that no way are we driving on Thursday unless for sure they have the darn tires. We head to Costco, since now we have unlimited time on our hands. We walk through the door and Tom sees a boogie board. He's been wanting a new one. He is a happier guy - the first thing in the cart is the board and there is a smile on my husband's face. Hallelujua! We literally shop til we drop. We buy everything that we can think of, including a lot of meat for our very small RV freezer. We head for what we now consider as home, we look forward to the beach and seeing our friends. One more snag and it could not have happened at a more inconvenient time. We are stopped and pulled over at a military checkpoint. The RV is a mess. We have boxes of food, cases of beer and wine, the spare tire that normally is stowed underneath but we were going to change and all the other sundries that we have accumulated from the Costco visit. The only items we had put away were refrigerated ones. I grab Winston's leash as Tom gets out and was told they wanted to inspect the RV. Good luck. I muttered that we had been to Costco, hence the mess and went to wait in the shade with Winston whilst Tom stayed with the officer in charge in case he had questions. The other military personnel were enamored with Winston. They asked his name, if he were friendly and then proceeded to talk and play with him. Winston went into full charm Beagle mode. He had been bored and ignored as Tom and I went about our business and now here were half a dozen people vying for his attention and tail wags. He loved it. Finally, after opening cupboards, drawers and some storage places, we were told we could go. Tom and I were relieved, Winston was sad to see his new friends saying "adios" and having to get back into the motorhome. On arriving back at the trailer park, we told everyone about our harrowing day, the ladies who manage the park, the German couple and the Mexican family camping next to us! They all commiserated.. but this is Mexico. We were also told to bear in mind that "manana" does not really mean tomorrow. It simply means that it (whatever item it is) is not available today. Manana could be tomorrow, or next week, month, anytime, just not today. We open beers and re-settle the RV, since we will be here at least for a few more days. After eating, it is an early night.

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