Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pie de la Cuesta, June 5th - 10th.

Saturday through Tuesday went by in a blur. Where do the days go? Here at the trailer park we are in a holding pattern and have a schedule, of sorts. Get up, mosey around, have breakfast. There are usually a few chores - vacuum, clean up the RV and some maintainence. Then it's time to take our lounge chairs to the beach and read until dinner. Winston is also in a settled in mode. Contrary to California, where, when we took him to the beach getting him into the ocean was akin to torture, here because the ocean is considerably warmer (it is around 85 degs), he runs in to cool down and plays in the surf. There have been other dogs around also, so he has had some 4 legged interaction to boot. We have a happy pet. the only other people in the park are a couple from Germany. They, like the Swiss couple we met earlier in our travels, arrived in Buenos Aires from Hamburg and are travelling north, ultimately to Alaska. Again, we are warned about Central America, particularly El Salvador and encouraged to go to Colombia, which they say is a beautiful country. We are checking and replanning our route but still have nothing firm. Tuesday we call on our tire. It has not arrived. Since we had anticipated at least one delay, we are not unduly disappointed - there are worse things that can happen than being stuck in Acapulco. Monica, our liason now tells us it should be here Friday from Mexico City, we will see. We decide we will call again on Friday and if by some chance the tire has arrived, then we will schedule an appointment for Saturday. We pay for 3 more nights at the park and since we have more time, plan to make another trip into Acapulco on Wednesday to take in the underwater statue of Mary of Guadalupe and an island offshore called Isla de Roquetta, which is, if you come to Acapulco to scuba or snorkel, the place to go. We only want to eat lunch there at one of the many seafood restaurants. We get up early on Wednesday, eat breakfast, shower and take care of Winston. Since we will be leaving him for about 6 hours in the motorhome, he needs to be fed and a long walk on the beach. As we are preparing and locking up the RV to leave, Tom decides to lock on of the lower storage doors. It falls off! Heck - change of plans. Now instead of a pleasant boat ride and lunch, we need to find a Home Depot, or equivalent. Also, a few days ago Tom had broken a pair of his favorite sunglasses. We decide to take care of that also. After, yet another hair raising ride into town, we confirm that there is indeed a Home Depot close by and we commandeer a taxi to take us. We spend the next hour or so wandering around the store trying to find what is needed to fix the storage door. Tom settles on epoxy, pop rivets and clamps. Afterward, we find the UPS Store and get Tom's glasses sent back to the States. After they are repaired, they will be sent to Danny and he will bring them when he comes to visit us in Costa Rica. We barely have time for another of Tom's food fixes. KFC! Yes, no one does chicken like the Colonel, in his opinion, so we pass a KFC and voila, lunch. After that, it is time to catch the bus home, to the dog. We are greeted as always. Whether Winston has been left for 5 minutes or 5 hours, the greeting is the same. Squeals, yelps and Thank God, he was not been abandoned. After treats, food and a long walk on the beach, things have settled down and so have we. thursday, finds us back in our daily schedule, which now includes fixing that door. We go to a local restaurant for dinner and chat with friends on Skype. Tomorrow we will call on the tire and come up with a plan for leaving Acapulco, providing, of course that the said tire has arrived. If not, we will see. With the ocean waves crashing in the background, we settle in for the night.

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