Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 6th, Mazatlan to Teacapan, 100 miles

Good news and bad news. The drive was easy. The camp ground "The Villas Onac" is great. Right on the beach. We walk a few steps to the ocean. It also has a swimming pool and showers. A couple of the villas are occupied and there are 2 other R.V.s here. One, a Swiss couple from St. Moritz have travelled from Argentina through South and Central America, Mexico and plan on driving the complete Pan American Highway, all the way to Alaska. We visited with them for quite a while, chatting over a bottle of red Chilean wine. They were very helpful and gave us an insight on what we might expect from the various countries. In a nut shell, they loved South America and did not like or feel safe in Honduras, Nigaragua and El Salvador. Surprise! The other couple of RVers have been travelling down here for more than 20 years and have been as far as Nicaragua so they are also helpful. Now the bad news. Winston, who has been super the whole trip is not feeling good. He has shallow breathing and seems to have trouble getting into the RV. We can't decide if it is his back legs but his tail is down and he acts like he is in pain. If he doesn't get any better, I will contact his doctor in San Jose and see if she can help find an English speaking vet in Puerto Vallarta. We will keep you all updated. Also, thank-you for the emails back. I know quite a few of you are following us either by our blogs or Google calendar.

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