Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunday, April 25th, 2010. Puerto Vallarta

What a week. Problem solving and fun with Bruce & Jeanne. Problem 1: Monday morning while walking Winston, I noticed what looked like a huge boil behind his ear which was red and raw. Miguel and Gabi (who manage the park) came by and knowing they had dogs, we asked them for a vet hoping there was one not too far away. No worries, it seems the vet here does house calls. One hour later Dr. Manual arrives, checks out the ear and tells us it is a bite that had gotten infected. He prescribed anti-biotics and a germicidal spray and charged us 300 pesos (about $25). We also talked about our going to Guatamala and he said he would arrange for us to get a health certificate for Winston to enter the country, so this took care of another item on my to do list. I really like Winston's vet at home, Dr Vieira, but I know she doesn't do house calls or charge as little. Problem 2: We had ordered a surge protector to be delivered to Jeanne and Bruce's and they were going to bring it with them but it did not arrive in time. Tom went to the local DHL office in P.V. to see if we could mail it to them. No worries. We emailed Randy, who had agreed to be the go-between, with the DHL address. The package arrived Friday. Fantastic. Problem 3: When we entered Mexico through Nogales, we got the correct paperwork for the R.V. and a tourist card for Tom but no documentation for me! So, a visit to immigration was on our list to try to correct the error. We had been really fortunate at not being stopped by the police and had no wish to wait until we left Mexico to deal with this particular issue. Again, no worries, good fortune was on our side. It took 2 trips to immigration and 262 pesos and my tourist card would be ready for pickup on Monday. In between dealing with these issues, we had fun with Bruce and Jeanne. They had dinner at the R.V. with us one evening and we went to another restaurant "Mestizos" for dinner on Tuesday. The tables at this restaurant are arranged outside in a beautiful courtyard, under the trees and stars. We ordered, Sangria which was excellent and a bottle of wine to accompany our meal. Just fabulous. Thursday, Tom rented a 42 foot Catalina for us to sail the coast. There was not a lot of wind but it was very relaxing. At diffent times, we got pedicures, massages and I managed to get my hair cut and colored. It is now the most blond it has ever been! Friday, Bruce rented a car and we all (including Winston) went to Sayulita for lunch. I think they liked the town as much as Tom and I. And so, the week has flown by. Tom and I are once again by ourselves, planning our next stop along the way.

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