Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty Sunset Trailer Park, Lo de Marcos

We started our morning with a stroll down the beach with Winston to check out the waves. The ocean was flat so Tom forgo boogie boarding in lieu of making oatmeal for breakfast. The couple next to us had told us where to shop in the village and off we went. Turn left out of the park and at the first street, turn right. 5 short blocks later found us in front of a small sign on the left side stating simply "panaderia" (bakery). Through the gates and with the gesturing of an old man, we made our way to the back. Bread, fresh from the oven was displayed in front of us. Rolls, baquette style loaves, sweet breads, pastries and doughnuts were cooling on shelves. We made our selections - 4 large rolls and 2 of the baquettes - and handed over 25 pesos. Next, out of the bakery, turn right and right again down a narrow street. The first left brought us onto the main street that we had arrived in on last night. Main Street might be a misnoer, as it is a narrow cobbled street. Another stop at one of the many small markets for some fresh fruit - bananas and a pineapple - and potato chips. Now for the hard part. We had been told there was a man who sold freshly caught fish from his house but the rest was vague. Again, one stop at a market with our query "hombre y pescado dorado", roughly translated "man and a dorado fish" and with much gesturing by all, we learned that he lived three doors down. Upon entering through a doorway into a small entry we encountered 2 ice chests and the man. He showed us whole and filleted Dorado, freshly caught last night. We settled for a kilo of filleted fish for 90 pesos. Satisfied with our dinner purchases and navigating around a small village, we headed back to the camp site. Along the way, we encountered the village children coming from school and it occured to us that maybe the time zone had changed. Sure enough, we have been an hour off for the past few days. We got back, moved our clocks forward an hour and ate one of those delicious rolls with chicken salad sandwich for lunch. Then the next task of the day - bathing Winston. Before leaving for the village, Tom had filled our solar shower with water and we had left it in the sun. The time had come to introduce Winston to solar showering. It went as well as any other type of bath for Winston - he detested it, but he smells better. After that it was off to the beach to play, read and lie in the sun until sunset and dinner. While dinner is in the making, Skype is busy. We talked to both friends (Alla) and family (Bruce, Jeanne & Mom) and the conclusion, yet again, is that Skype is great! As was dinner - fish, rice and tomatoes with some baquette from the panaderia. Goodnight

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