Monday, April 5, 2010

April 1st, 2010. San Carlos to Los Michos, 240 miles

The first leg of our 2 day marathom to Mazatlan. Although there seems to be plenty of police activity, it appears to be directed more towards the Mexicans travelling than the Americans. The road was much better than when entering Mexico. Most importantly for Tom it was wider, so passing those trucks or when the buses pass us (they drive like demons), it doesn't feel as though we will be pushed off the road. This is agriculture country. Plenty of corn, potatoes and greens being grown. However, we were on the toll road and passed 5 toll booths for a total of $35 USD in tolls. Los Michos was desolate. We were the only people camping at the one R. V. park in town and against better judgement and all the advise we had heard about the dangers of camping alone, we stayed there. By nine at night - believe me, when darkness falls and with no exterior lights, nine feels late - we had sufficiently spooked ourselves into second guessing our decision to stay there and almost drove to the nearest hotel. We stayed because it had also been impressed upon us the dangers of driving at night but needless to say, we slept fitfully and got on the road early next day. Unharmed but promising ourselves that in the future, should we pull into a park with no other RVers, we will go to a hotel and request parking there. Live and learn.

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