Sunday, May 30, 2010

Casa Margarita, Tuesday through Sunday.

Tuesday....Tequila Tuesday as it is known in Troncones ( a small town about 20 mins south of Playa Saladita) at The Manzanillo Bay Inn. And yes, Midge and Dean took us. Up 'til then it was a regular day. Get up, ponder the day, eat, swim, relax. Then we heard about "Tequila Tuesday". Dean & Midge had gone back to Zihua that morning and had successfully navigated Mexican Immigration and recieved their FM3's (permanent residency cards, so there was definitely a reason to celebrate, as though simply being Tequila Tuesday wasn't enough! The Manzanillo Bay serves great food and has entertainment. The restaurant is gourmet, fabulous food served under the palm trees, the ocean in the background, beautiful balmy evening and Josie was providing the entertainment. Randall who runs the show and served us, was wonderful. Corky and his guests with Tim were also there, Raquel was not feeling well, so didn't attend. And Tom got to accompany Josie with his harmonicas. The cervezas, tequila and margaritas were flowing heavily and so, for us, Tequila Tuesday lived up to it's name. Maybe we should adopt it for the rest of our trip? Needless to say, Wednesday was not a productive day. We read and relaxed by the pool and had a leftover smorgasbord for dinner. Thursday was much of the same. Winston is also in a routine. Get up from sleeping on a cool lawn all night, greet Gaby when he gets to work at 8am, follow Gaby around to make sure he's doing a good job (in Beagle Land this is based on the number of pets, bellyrubs and general conversation that he recieves although Gaby has mentioned that he (Winston) does not as yet understand Spanish!), greet Midge when she gets coffee going and spend the remainder of the day finding the coolest tiles in the house to lie on...oh, and a few walks spattered in between. That is about to change. We had gotten the name of a vet in Ixtapa from Raquel and Corky. Dr Jorge. It has been 21 days since Winston had that tick bite and has been on anti-biotics ever since. He now needs to be re-tested to check on how everything is going. Armed with the directions for the vet, that is, Dr Jorge (no last name) in the area of Pelicanos, Ixtapa we set off. Dean, Midge, Tom, myself and Winston. Upon entering Ixtapa, we found a hotel called Pelicanos, we made a u-turn and saw a sign for clinica veterenaria. A few blocks more, in a residential neighborhood, there is Dr. Jorge Islas practice. Sometimes, you're just lucky! I went in and sure enough, he knows Raquel and Corky and their dogs and he speaks English. He checked Winston, drew blood and handed me a small container to collect urine. Here I go again! At least there is no one around. The last time a Mexican family watched with seemingly great interest as I attempted to get a sample! He promised that he would have lab results by Saturday noon, latest and would also contact Dr. Rocio in La Manzanilla and consult with her. We ate an American lunch of hamburgers and fries and decided to keep with the American theme and take home pizza for dinner. Sorry.. pizza is as american as apple pie, ask anyone over the age of 2! All I can say is I still have not had any good American style food here. The hamburger was okay and the pizza was ...okay. But worse than that..Tom and I know we have to leave the comfort of Casa Margarita and the newly found friendship of Dean & Midge and continue on but ... we are having fun. We decide to stay one more day and travel on Sunday. So, Saturday is our last day. I stay by the pool and read and Tom finally gets into the ocean with Dean to body surf, even though the water has not been co-operative. Saturday night everyone comes over for tacos. Corky, Raquel, Melody (a guest of theirs from the states who has visited before), Tim and Bob who plays guitar, very well. The tacos more than made up for the somewhat disappointing american food from the day before and Tom once again was able to bring out the harmonicas and accompany Bob who played guitar for us after dinner. It was late before the gang disbanded with an exchange of emails, promises to stay in touch and bon voyages. We were also given contacts in Puerto Escondido and Guatamala. Sunday came early at 7am with Dean knocking on the door to the motorhome. No.. not to throw us out but to get Tom into the ocean one more time. So whilst I prepared the home for moving, Tom went body surfing and then swung by to say a final goodbye to Corky, Raquel and the rest. We will most definitely stay in touch and hopefully will see them all on our return trip. We,(Dean, Midge, Tom and myself) have already decided that it would be a lot of fun if Bruce and Jeanne could somehow collaborate the timing to be in Playa Saladita at the same time. We'll see. But for us it is a driving day. Next stop, Acapulco.

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