Saturday, May 22, 2010


After studying our mexican camp book, we had decided to split our time between Ixtapa (ees-TAH-pah)and Zihuatanejo (see-wah-tah-HEH-hoh). However, the book omitted the fact that Ixtapa's one and only campground does not allow pets. So, onward 9 more miles to Zihua (as it is affectionately called). The campgroung here is El Manglar. It has lots of positives and one not so good qualities. The positive is it is on the Playa La Ropa. A beautiful sheltered bay in front for Winston and I to frolic and some good surfing to the left for Tom to continue to become part of the food chain (read on). Fabulous stretch of beach to walk. It has one of the best restaurants in the area with great gourmet food, reasonably priced and indoor and outdoor seating. It is close to other restaurants, shops, spas etc. So what's the negative. Only one.. a big one. It is apparently a conservation area. OK! There is a lagoon/mangrove swamp area bordering one side, leading to the ocean with no fence. OK! They (the conservationists) are trying to rehabilitate crocodiles to their natural habitat. OhOh! Yep, there are 7 crocs not 10 feet away in water and brush. We are told they do not attack people (I hope they (the crocs) read that manual), but are quite partial to dogs and cats. Winston has been tethered since arriving. This morning, whilst walking Winston, there was some consternation between El Manglar (our campsite) and a restaurant next door because there were croc slithers in the sand. I guess these crocs have figured a way from lagoon to ocean. They contacted someone who looked like Crazy the Croc Hunter, who didn't seem too worried and Tom still went in the water to surf! There are also huge iguanas, turtles (I guess crocs don't eat either of these) and myriads of birds. My brother-in-law, Bruce would love it. Bruce and Jeanne have connected us to a couple, who Jeanne worked with, and have retired here (Midge & Dean). As a result, we are backtracking and will head north about one hour to Playa Saladita as they have generously invited us to their home where there is rv hookup and a pool. We are looking forward to meeting them as Jeanne speaks fondly of Midge and their friendship. Right now, it is late. Tom is asleep and Winston is lying (tethered) at my feet. I hear the chirping of crickets, the sounds of birds and the ocean surf in the background. Life is good. Stay well.

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