Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hmm..Still in Melaque

Yes, we are still in Melaque. We decided to stay here another day. We took in the tianquis (market). It was very provencial as markets go and not a lot of things we need, although Tom did find a set of small wire brushes. Coming back to the park we picked up some groceries and rum to make Cuba Libres for later. Also, stopped off at the "ropa playa" (beach clothes) store and I bought a sarong - tye dye - very pretty. We had prawns for dinner with rice and avocados, preceded by those aforementioned cocktails. Winston is continuing on the road to recovery and is getting stronger. Right now Tom is trying to sort through his harmonicas to complement Beethoven's work, which we are listening to on the IPod. The beautiful music in symphony with the waves is amazing! The crickets, in the background, almost seem in harmony. Tomorrow is a driving day and another adventure. Stay posted. Buenos Noches

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