Monday, May 10, 2010

The Coast of Jalisco from Perula to Melaque

After leaving Puerto Vallarta, we have spent the time on a stretch of coastline in the state of Jalisco from Perula to Melaque/Barra de Navidad, a distance of approx 73 kilometers. It really consists of several bays and beach towns. The first is Punta Perula. A small village with some mini marts and a few palapa restaurants. The campground is steps from the beach and is part of a small hotel with a swimming pool, very nice. It was here that we met Bastian and Eva. They have a business in L. A. but spend most of their time in Mexico. They were a tremendous help with Winston as Bastian's Spanish is fluent and they have a second vehicle to get around. Their kindness will never be forgotten and we will hopefully meet up with them at another point in our travels. From Perula, the next large bay is beautiful Tenacatita Bay. This bay encompasses the towns of Tenacatita at the north end and La Manzanilla in the south, with a few smaller villages and beaches along the way. We spent 2 nights in Tenacatita, again a small village with a few palapa restaurants and fewer stores. A traditional food from Tenacatita is Rollo del Mar. A piece of fillet of fish, stuffed with seafood and cheese, rolled, breaded, fried and topped with a white citrus sauce. Delicious. Another evening was spent at Boca de Iguana (Mouth of the Iguana) - I liked the name! This was a huge campsite for both RV's and tents. Again steps from the ocean and primarily Mexican clientele - we were the only NorteAmericanos. Even though La Manzanilla is the largest of the towns on this bay, it does not have a full service campsite. Camping is along the beach. As this is the off season, mindful of the warnings given to us on never camping alone and there were no other Rvers, we decided not to stay there. Too bad since this is where Dr. Rocio (Winston's vet) has her practice. The final bay on this stretch of coastline is the Bay of Melaque/Barra de Navidad. We are told that lots of Canadians and Americans call Melaque home during the winter, but again this is off season and we have the campground to ourselves. It is 10 at night and in the 70's. As I sit writing, Tom reads and Winston is resting. The ocean is on the other side of a small 3' wall, just steps away. On the other side of the bay the lights of Barra de Navidad are bright against the night sky. The only sound is the waves against the shore. Buenos Noches!

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