Friday, May 21, 2010

Playa Azul (Michoacan) - Zihuatanejo (Guerrero) - 94 miles

The road between Playa Azul and Ixtapa/Zihua was another trial lesson in patience and taking one's time. in addition to the general terrain of coast and mountains, Mex 200 (the main road we are travelling) seems to be constantly under repair. As such, our travel time is approx 30 miles per hour. Tom is getting a good lesson in patience. I had mentioned in my last blog about militia checkpoints. The further south we go, the more predominant they are. According to newspapers and local gossip, they are stopping and searching vehicles for drugs and weapons. They are more than a little intimidating. The soldiers are young, speak little English and tote very large automatic weapons! We have been fortunate. The only time we were stopped, close to Perula, they ask where we were coming from and where we were going to. To note, as yet we have not been searched although they have every right to go through our entire RV. We can only hope our luck continues. Also, contrary to the horror stories that abound, we have had no problems with banditos, thieves or any other type of nefarious characters. On the contrary, we have had pleasant and helpful encounters with people who are only too willing to help with language, navigation, accomodation, Winston's medical issues and the other sundry of issues that we have had to deal with. Next blog - Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.

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  1. The two Jeanne's enjoyed your blog. Keep up the fun stories. The crocodile drag marks story was a hoot. Bruce